About Me

Making a difference in people’s lives through teaching Pilates, nutrition, mental and physical wellbeing, and doing therapeutic healing massage gives me a profound sense of purpose and joy.  Over the past 40 years I have acquired knowledge and skills from world leaders in medicine, science and business whilst  living and studying in four continents.  From an early age I became a carer and then a nurse in Cardio-thoracic, Intensive Care, Liver Transplant and Endocrinology units.  As a carer my own health deteriorated and I moved away from the traditional medical system and integrated complimentary therapies into my recovery programme with great effect.  Studying Sports Science, Sports Massage and Nutrition, Neuro-linguistic programming and Spiritual Healing has helped me to realise that being well needs a multi-faceted approach.   Sharing what I learn has become second nature to me and I’m currently teaching Pilates, health education,  mental wellbeing and business skills.  In the past I’ve been a diving and aerobic Instructor, taught English as a foreign language and been a trainer in the Territorial Army.  I’ve been able to incorporate this diverse experience into Pilates making learning effective and fun.  Having resolved my own long term back issues  I can understand the concerns that new students may bring to the class.

On reflection I recognise three pivotal points in my life:  in the early 80’s I spent 2 years sailing from New Zealand through remote islands to the Philippines.  Being able to observe how the indigenous populations survived with minimal health care confirmed the importance of good nutrition, everything in it’s most natural form and nothing in a packet!   The second time was whilst working in the liver transplant unit at Addenbrookes hospital Cambridge.  The extremes of this health care shocked me and I decided to leave nursing to focus on prevention of disease through fitness.  However the biggest impact on my life was being introduced to USANA Health Sciences and taking their foundation product The Essentials.  These well balanced high dose minerals, vitamins and plant extracts helped my mind & body to fully recover and in turn my sense of wellbeing, which brought the courage and strength to make major changes.  I returned to Exeter in 2001.

Currently I’m completing the case studies for the British Alliance of Healing Associations accreditation in Spiritual Healing. The combination of life coaching and healing, good nutrition and Pilates can have a profound effect on resolving personal and health issues.

My passion is to help people prevent having ill health and avoid hospitalisation: to help them achieve optimal health.  The body can heal and recover when given the best nourishment. Through education and support people can take responsibility for their physical and mental wellbeing and live satisfying and purposeful lives.



BSc Hons Sports Science

Active IQ Level 3 Diploma Pilates Instructor

APNT Sports Massage

NLP Practitioner

Fully insured