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Are you holding tension caused by work and lifestyle? Perhaps you have physical and emotional injuries? Enjoy deep relaxation with Fran’s unique massage using a global combination of techniques accumulated over 40 years; incorporating sports massage, Indian head massage, acupressure and spiritual healing enabling me to give you a very special experience.

Many people say my hands work like magic. By using my sensory and intuitive gifts I appraise your body holistically and bring a physical human connection that not only helps you to release tension but can give you more awareness about your Self. On a mechanical level massage stimulates blood flow bringing fresh nutrients to your cells whilst flushing out toxins leaving you in a state of bliss. The self healing processes continue for up to 48 hours bringing long term recovery. Recommendation is two to three treatments in the first month followed by a regular maintenance treatment once every four to eight weeks.

Martyn Beckett, “There are times when a fresh, positive look is necessary: something which combines the physiological, the psychological and the physical. Under Fran’s guidance, I felt cared for, and counselled. There was a clear sense of direction and purpose. And for that I am profoundly grateful.”