“I just had to email you to thank you for the pilates class this evening (Tuesday 6.30 pm).  For the first time in a long, long while I have absolutely no pain in my back!  I appreciate that this is a temporary respite but even so it so lovely not to have that constant nagging ache at least for this evening.  I am making the most of it and staying up late because I expect that when I get up tomorrow morning it will have returned.

Can I please arrange a one to one session with you as I sure that you can help with my pain management as well as my posture. Thank you again.”

Jan, Exeter – October 2013

I love the energy and expertise that Fran brings to the Pilates classes. She is so full of life and leads the group with humour and fun. I always feel so relaxed and energised after the class- it is a great way to start my week!

Kate Wilder, Heavitree Exeter – July 2013 

Having been to a variety of pilates classes over the course of 10 years both here and in London, I can honestly say Fran’s are by far the best classes I have ever been to. The classes are an excellent blend of strengthening, stretching and relaxation. Fran takes the time to ensure everyone is getting the movements right and also to explain what the exercises are doing.  I leave every class feeling completely refreshed and relaxed. They have improved my strength, flexibility and general wellbeing. I am often dealing with anxiety and the classes are the one time in the week when I am able to truly relax and focus.

Sharon, Exeter – Sept 2013

A Year on a Mat with Fran Noble.

Now the sceptics amongst us, I formerly included myself in this group, might not think a few stretches and twists could have any impact on ones physique. I can confidently assure you that it is and has been possible. 12 Months of Pilates has transformed my body shape and improved my strength and flexibility.  The classes are accessible for all abilities, 12 months ago I couldn’t touch my toes, exercises are such that you can take as much or as little of each one as you like. Why bother? Well we all have our own agenda’s, mine has been to improve my golf, and I now hit the ball further and with more control for more holes in a round.  Simply put I’m delighted with the results.

Ben P – 29.05.13

Just to say a big thank you for your 1:1 session with Ian. it was lovely to see him responding to your engaging,loving and humorous approach. Ian acknowledged that he thinks you are very good!

Jenny Dawson – August 2013

Since I began using USANA Essentials  I noticed I have felt more energized and my eyes and skin clearer and then I started taking The Biomega Oils and my skin became even better and my hip injury is healing much more rapidly.

Jenny Billingsley – October 2013

My classes with Fran for the last 10 years have been life changing.  She explains the whys and wherefores of the exercises.  Walks round the class making sure we are doing it correctly and she`s funny!  Her massages are excellent too.

 Jenny Harries, Topsham – May 2013

“Fran combines a relaxed and informal teaching style with a great breadth and depth of knowledge of not only Pilates but also many other aspects of health, fitness and well being. I particularly like the detailed instruction and advice all the way through each procedure as this greatly helps the effectiveness -eg when and how to breathe in/out etc”

Stuart Blundell – July 2013

I thoroughly recommend Fran Noble’s individual sessions and Pilates classes.

Six years ago I was in a lot of pain with my hip arising from a former child birth injury.  I had had extensive physiotherapy and chiropractic sessions over the previous 3 years in London, Henley-on-Thames and Exeter which had cost me a lot of money but, more importantly, concerned me that now in my sixties, I was well on my way to having some permanent impairment of my body.  This worried me as I am a keen walker but increasingly I found it difficult to go very far.

By the time I had moved to Exeter in 2005, I was really in difficulty and in fact even had to think twice about going up and down stairs in my 3 storeyed house.  Fortunately, on listening to my problem, an Exeter friend told me ‘I know exactly who will sort you out – Fran Noble’.

My friend turned out to be right: Fran is an absolute star.  I had 3 individual sessions with Fran and then joined her Pilates Class in the September of the year 2006.  By the December, I was able to resume my walking and had no problem climbing and yes – running up and down my stairs!

I have continued my weekly Pilates classes with Fran and every day do my own Pilates workout for about 15 minutes.  Pilates has been a revelation to me and I cannot speak more highly of Fran’s expert, no-nonsense but empathetic approach to the need for this form of regular exercise.

I will always be grateful to Fran for her guidance and help.

Margaret Lloyd-Thomas – July 2012